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November 6, 2011

Hey there guys!

As you might’ve heard it I’m dropping Aku. Not because I wanted, but I had to.
I could do it for a while….about half of the series avaible now, but my uni got me busy more and more.
Also I havent heard or seen fiva in forever so I can say this is closing of Hyena Scans for now.

About Aku…lucky for you I could find a group who got liking to it and willing to do also. With this I mean they have superiour cleaning (you’ll see) and staff that can work on it. This would be Imperial Scans, fairly new group but with very experienced staff. So from now on, stalk their site :P

So, the first chapter should be avaible already.

Thanks for your support guys so far,

Hajimete no Aku 119-125

September 29, 2011


So….yeah….after 1.5 months a release. Hurray!
Oh, just to note ya know….a septuple release. With this I’m caught up to the translations, but sadly still behind with the raws. >.>
Special thanks to yothen from Muda Scans for the typesetting help, go check out their stuff too.
Again, uploaded all the new chapters in one rar and you can find each separately too in the MF folder.



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Hajimete no Aku 114-118

August 14, 2011

Hai hai!

So after loooong wait I would like to spoil you guys a bit…you get a quintuple rls!
Yep. 5 chapters. I added them in 1 rar for easier download, it has the chaps separately inside. Plus they should be avaible separately from the MF folder too. With this I’m behind with 5 chaps only…not sure when will I release the next one. It looks really bad >.>

Nontheless, go enjoy some aku =3


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Hajimete no Aku 113

July 16, 2011

Hey there guys~

Another release \o/
I was thinking about this for long and now it’s time I do this….
From now on please wait a day before uploading elsewhere. The only exception will be Batoto, since I can’t host my own reader on WP and they don’t recompress/resize our hard work. I don’t like ORs that much, but it’s enivatble in these days. So there you go, I’ll provide a MF DDL link like I did so far and add an OR link too if you prefer online reading and like quality at the same time.
I did a little tweak on the cleans(aka pressed 1 button) and I think I like it better now. Should be sharper a bit than previous chapters. I’d like to hear a lil’ feedback about it though before I jump on the next chapter.

But for now enjoy this one:


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Hajimete no Aku 112

July 15, 2011

Hai there~

A nice light chapter for us~



Hajimete no Aku 111

July 4, 2011


Special chapter incoming!
Special, because it’t the last chapter of the arc. Sadly.
I know what you think….I think it too. The fight was short and I should hurry with the other chaps.
Well, luckily we have now a brilliant proofreader on board as of now! The name is Xylokopos.
Also you’ll notice an awsome colour page. I got helped by an old friend, who is awsome at these, MGX.
Sooooo thanks guys for the help! *clap*clap*
And all there is left……enjoy the chapter guys!



Hajimete no Aku 110

July 2, 2011

Hey there guise!

So…..I’m behind. With 2 months. But luckily I am done with my exams…and have work :D
You will notice that the quality of the rls….is crap. Blame it on the raws. Future chaps has better raws though.
So….I’ll try to catch up somehow. Enjoy (if you can) this next chap~




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